Protecting the Environment: World Environment Day

The world we live in is under constant threat from human activities such as pollution, climate change, deforestation, and overpopulation. In recognition of the significance of these issues, the United Nations established World Environment Day to increase awareness and encourage people to take action.

Understanding World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the United Nations’ primary tool for promoting environmental protection worldwide. First celebrated in 1974, this flagship campaign aims to raise awareness about emerging environmental concerns, including wildlife crime, global warming, human overpopulation, and marine pollution. On this day, people are encouraged to learn more about these issues and how to protect the environment, as well as advocating for others to broaden their knowledge as well.

The Origins of World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the perfect example of how people should care for the environment, raising awareness of the increasing levels of pollution, human overpopulation, and climate change. The United Nations General Assembly established the holiday in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. The first celebration of the holiday occurred two years later in 1974, becoming a huge success. Since then, it has become a global platform for discussions about the environment, spreading awareness of the effects of human activity. Today, World Environment Day is celebrated in over 100 countries, with each year featuring a new theme to draw attention to a particular concern.

How to Celebrate World Environment Day

If you want to participate in World Environment Day, register for a local event near you to learn how human activity has affected the world we live in. Invite friends and family members to join you and help them learn about what people can do to help the environment. If you’re inspired by these events, volunteer for clean-up crews, recycling stations, or pick up garbage in your local area. Share information about climate change with your friends and encourage them to change their habits to help reduce the effects of climate change in people’s lives.

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Each year, a different theme is chosen for World Environment Day, so it’s a good idea to research the theme and base your efforts on it. This could be anything from participating in a local event, learning more about the host nation and its environmental issues or posting messages on social media to raise awareness about the date and this year’s theme.


World Environment Day has grown significantly over the years, with 143 countries participating annually. With a new theme assigned to the day every year, governments, celebrities, communities, NGOs, and corporations can plan different events and raise awareness for this important day. There are many ways to engage with people, including creating your own poem or artwork or fundraising and volunteering your time. Modern-day living affects the environment in many negative ways, including air pollution, the use of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, overuse of animal products, and deforestation. By participating in World Environment Day, you can take action to protect our planet and promote a sustainable future for all.

World Environment Day Timeline

  • Early 1800s: Scientists identify climate change
  • 1972: Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment
  • 1974: World Environment Day is first celebrated
  • 2007: International Polar Year inspires WED
  • 2022: Thirty Year Anniversary of World Environment Day

World Environment Day FAQs

  • When is World Environment Day celebrated? June 5th of each year since 1974.
  • Who started World Environment Day? The United Nations first initiated conversations about WED in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.
  • What is the theme of World Environment Day? The theme for each WED observance changes annually, but some past themes have included “A Tree for Peace,” “Only One Earth–Care and Share,” “For Life on Earth,” and “Your Planet Needs You.”
  • What is World Environment Day? This day was created for the purpose of raising awareness and creating action that moves in the direction of protecting and maintaining the environment.
  • How does modern-day living affect the environment? Modern-day living affects the earth’s resources negatively by causing air pollution, using non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, overusing animal products, deforestation, and more.
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