Global Family Day – The Ultimate Guide to the Global Family Day Celebration

Most people want international peace, and many individuals are attempting to make the world a better place. Building and strengthening families may be one of the most essential methods for the world to enjoy less violence and more peace.

Global Family Day is all about the relationship between world peace, communities, and families!

History of Global Family Day

Global Family Day arose as a result of attempts to achieve world peace near the end of the twentieth century. The United Nations General Assembly began planning for the International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World in 1997.

One major step toward this goal was the publication of “One Day in Peace – January 1, 2000,” a book sponsored by Linda Grover. The introduction of the decade of peace, as well as the book, was centered on the concept that sometime in the future, there may be no more conflict on the earth.

As the concept of a decade of peace evolved, all United Nations member nations were encouraged to publicly devote January 1, 2000 to efforts to establish peace on the earth. Because the day was so popular and successful, the United Nations decided to make it an annual event beginning in 2001, when it was known as Global Family Day.

Families that are physically, emotionally, and financially well provide the bedrock of peaceful societies. And the logic goes that peaceful communities lead to peaceful countries, which should eventually lead to a better world.

How to Celebrate Global Family Day

Have fun and celebrate Global Family Day by doing some activities with your family. Try some of these suggestions:

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Spend Quality Time with Family

One of the most essential aspects of Global Family Day is the notion that efforts toward global peace are strongly tied to family support. Healthy families spend time together, providing strength and support to each member, and build stability that can be transferred to communities all over the world.

Simply committing to having supper together every day is one way a family may build strength. Family members may improve relationships and foster peace by communicating effectively via family gatherings and working together toward common goals.

Planting a family garden, going camping in the backyard, cooking some meals together, or going on a trek are some particular activities that can be done in honor of Global Family Day. Whatever you do together, make a note of these tales since they may be transformed into essential memories for the family to connect over!

Watch Some Peace and Family Films

Movies might be a lot of fun, but that’s not all! Movies that provide access to profound themes may frequently help families grow because watching them together can spark talks among family members about how to make the world a better place.

On Global Family Day, consider viewing one of the following films about peace efforts:

  • Selma (2014). A biographical chronicle about the important actions of Martin Luther King, Jr’s campaign toward equality in voting rights, particularly the 1965 protest march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Gandhi (1982). A period biographical film, this one is based on the life of peacemaker Mahatma Gandhi and the efforts toward the independence of India from British rule.
  • Loving (2016). This true biographical story is about a family who were victims of racism in the 1960s when they were arrested for interracial marriage.
  • The Incredibles (2004). Though this film isn’t exactly one that is based on reality, it’s still an example of what can happen when families use their talents and gifts, working together to stop evil and make the world a better place.
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Make an Effort Toward Peace

Although achieving world peace may appear to be a distant goal, one genuine approach to achieve world peace is for individuals and families to live peacefully together on a local level. Consider the following options for acting toward peace in celebration of Global Family Day:

  • Make a personal commitment to nonviolence. Global Family Day is observed on January 1st, making it an ideal time to reaffirm or make new promises to living in peace and speaking out against violence.
  • Volunteer for a peace-promoting organization. Volunteering for groups that foster community, eliminate violence, and promote safety allows individuals and families to work together to make the world a better place.
  • Speak out against prejudice and bigotry. When unfair situations arise, don’t be hesitant to speak out and defend people who are being discriminated against, excluded, or bullied.
  • Begin a dialogue about peace. Don’t forget that your circle of influence is made up of individuals you already know.

Create Family Goals

Rather of setting individual New Year’s resolutions, try utilizing this time to make family resolutions. Global Family Day is an excellent opportunity for family members to gather and chat about the objectives and intentions they wish to set for the following year, which might result in a more peaceful world.

Consider utilizing this day to make arrangements to volunteer together for a charity or to assist in the community as a family. Create or review numerous family principles and regulations, and encourage everyone to recommit to caring for and loving one another more effectively.


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