Cute Date Ideas hat Will Really Increase Romance

Finding someone to date may sometimes be just as challenging as coming up with a date activity that is exciting and distinctive as your relationship. The majority of us simply don’t have a lot of creative energy left at the end of the day, whether it’s from commuting to work or taking 20 steps from our bed to our desk and back. You can only take so many dinner and a movie dates, and if you’re anything like me, the amount of time you spend together has left a mark on your couch in the shape of you. And adding children to the mix adds a whole new level of complexity.

In case you want to give the sofa some time to itself, we have a ton of possibilities because we love love. There is a date idea here for every couple’s personality, activity preference, DIY skill level, and spending limit. We have enough possibilities to fill your weekends for several years. Here is a list of some of our favorite sweet date suggestions.

  1. Restaurant hop. If you’ve almost memorized the menu at your favorite restaurant, try a few other locations before settling on it as your new standard. If there is one nearby, check it out, or go to an area with a variety of restaurants and try one for dinner, one for dessert, and one for appetizers.
  2. Play tourist in your hometown. When was the last time you made the most of the sights that guests constantly want to see? When was the last time you received visitors from outside the area? Visit your neighborhood landmarks or must-see sights for an afternoon or evening as though it were your first time.
  3. Make a fun new recipe. Trying a new recipe may be a lot of fun, even if you’re not much of a cook. Not to mention that you get to consume the outcomes.
  4. Go on a picnic. Nothing is more romantic than bringing some outdoor food and drinks, spreading them out on a blanket, and enjoying the great outdoors when the weather is nice. Change the location of the party to your living room if the weather is bad outside.
  5. Take a hike. Something about going on an outdoor adventure with your significant other really warms the heart, if you know what we mean.
  6. Hit the beach. Lots of skin, sand, and sun. Create a more pleasant afternoon. You are dared.
  7. Go skiing. No good for the beach? Instead, hit the slopes. It doesn’t count if you don’t have hot cocoa afterwards.
  8. Play a board game. For a healthy dose of competition, bring out the old favorites or try something new. Make a friendly bet to liven things up a bit.
  9. Throw a casino night. If they refer to you as Lady Luck, try if your lover can win your heart by rolling their eyes. That, or risk losing your week’s worth of chores by playing cards.
  10. Build a campfire. Gathering over a campfire in your backyard will help you ignite the fires of passion in a Smoky-approved manner. If your municipality forbids fires, you might bake s’mores in the microwave or simply gather around the fireplace.
  11. Have a spa night. Visit the pharmacy to pick up face masks, nail care products, and massage oil for a DIY pampering session that will strengthen your relationship and your skin.
  12. Take a day trip. Get behind the wheel and see how far a tank of gas will take you. When you’re doing it with your favorite person, even exploring the town over might feel like an adventure.
  13. Go grocery shopping together. You need bread and eggs. Make a dull task into an enjoyable activity for couples. To compete for first place, divide your list in half, or just walk the aisles together.
  14. Learn a new skill. To attempt something new, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment. Try your hand at origami, sketching, or even card tricks. At first, you’ll enjoy giggling at how awful you both are.
  15. Play hide ‘n seek. It’s no longer simply for kids.
  16. Look through old photos. Get the records out and prepare for an awww-fest. Talk about your awkward teen years and childhoods to get to know your sweetie better and develop a deeper affection for them.
  17. Go antique hunting. You’d be surprised at the variety of treasures you can discover in an antique shop, not to mention the spooky tchotchkes you’ll come across.
  18. Take a dance class. Even (or particularly!) if you have two left feet, going on a date can be interesting if you take a dance lesson. When you break a move at the next wedding or party, you’ll be the talk of the dance floor.
  19. Volunteer together. To help your neighborhood and witness how hot your honey appears when helping others, volunteer at a soup kitchen, a clothes drive, or another local project.
  20. Visit the zoo or aquarium. Come on, fish are adorable too. Squee over some brand-new finned or furry companions and display your sensitive side.
  21. Read to each other. Take turns reading aloud to one another while you borrow some spicy books from the library or a secondhand book store. Before you can say “once upon a time,” you’ll be in the right frame of mind.
  22. Arrange a scavenger hunt. If you construct one that recreates your first date and includes all of your favorite locations, you get bonus points.
  23. Explore a museum. It’s time to visit your local museum if you haven’t since your class field trip. Think of learning as seductive?
  24. Go out for dessert. I don’t know about you, but after a wonderful supper I never have room for dessert. Proceed directly to the desserts to discover what you’ve been missing.
  25. Commandeer the jukebox at a bar. Take charge of the jukebox at a nearby bar to make sure you have music you can dance to all night. Remember to join in on the song.
  26. Make a craft together. When you collaborate on a project with your love, creativity feels even more rewarding. If you’re not a skilled artist, don’t worry; there’s beauty in flaws.
  27. See a comedy show. Endorphins are released when you laugh, and comedy is frequently less expensive than other live entertainment options. Even even subpar standup can be entertaining in its own unique way.
  28. Go to an open house or estate sale. Even if you don’t have any ambitions to purchase a home, the best (and least spooky) form of voyeurism is seeing into someone else’s home.
  29. Tackle a home improvement project. Enlist the aid of your significant other if you want to hang some shelves or finally organize your closet. Together, we can do the assignment more quickly.
  30. Go berry or apple-picking. There is definitely something tasty growing outside, depending on the season. Pick whatever you want—apples, berries, pumpkins, etc. It’s a fun seasonal activity that culminates with delectable food.
  31. Hold a baking competition. Make like Paul Hollywood and challenge your beau to a baking contest. Once you’re eating the spoils, everyone wins.
  32. Wander a new neighborhood. Drive or walk to a new locale and see what’s around, for a free and unique date. Pick out your favorite houses and make up tall tales about who lives inside, or choose the one you’d want to live in.
  33. Go horseback riding. It’s a better workout than you expect, not to mention an offbeat way to get a good dose of nature.
  34. Try rock-climbing. Thanks to its newfound trendiness, many cities have at least one climbing gym. Don’t belay, chalk up those hands (sorry, not sorry).
  35. Take a cooking class. Level up your kitchen know-how and get to enjoy a delicious meal, all in one.
  36. Try a new fancy coffee or tea. If you usually take it black or with just sugar or cream, branch out! Hit up a local coffeeshop and try the most unique offering they’ve got.
  37. Fly a kite. This is one instance in which “go fly a kite” isn’t an insult. Really, try it.
  38. Stay in a bed and breakfast. Whether you go old-school or rent an AirBnB for the night, bed and breakfasts feel like sneaking into someone else’s house, except you’re totally allowed to be there.
  39. Go to a water park. Make like a kid again and splish splash to your heart’s content. Water slides really are worth the hype.
  40. Play trivia at a bar. Look, I don’t know anything about anything and I love trivia. You will too.
  41. Go to a farmer’s market. Supporting local merchants, eating delicious healthy foods and enjoying a stroll in the sunshine – yup, that’s definitely date material.
  42. Try a new workout. If you’re a Spin person, drop in on a kickboxing class. If you’re usually a free weights fan, step it up with some Zumba. Giving a new class a shot is less intimidating with a pal, and you can even use an app if you don’t want to shell out for one.
  43. Tour a brewery or winery. You’ll learn what goes into making your favorite beverage, and there are usually samples. Win-win!
  44. Stargaze together. There’s just something inherently romantic about the night sky. Bring a blanket to the backyard or a local park and see how many constellations you can find.
  45. Do karaoke. Everyone’s a star at karaoke, especially if you can find the kind with private rooms. The sappier ballads you can belt out, the better.
  46. Go ax-throwing. As soon as you let the first one fly, you’ll understand why ax-throwing is so trendy. It’s also a great way to unload some stress.
  47. Put together a puzzle. There’s something so satisfying about finally clicking that last piece into place, plus it’s good for the ol’ noodle.
  48. Go bowling. This is one instance in which you actually want to strike out.
  49. See a drive-in movie. Many drive-ins still play double features, so you get twice the films for your buck. Besides, it’s delightfully retro.
  50. Go skating. Whether you go the ice or roller route, skating is just as perfect a date night as it was when you were 12.
  51. Take a wine tour. If you live near wine country, enlist a designated driver and get your grape on. If not, buy a few bottles of varietals you’ve never tried, print out some deets from the Internet and DIY it at home. Don’t forget the cheese.
  52. See a concert. Even terrible cover bands make a fun night out, especially if you dance like fools the whole time.
  53. Cowork together. This is for the busy bees: If you and your sweetie work remotely, try out a cozy new coworking space together. Don’t forget to build in breaks to grab snacks and lunch together.
  54. Try a dinner cruise. A candlelit dinner on the water? I’m sorry, did somebody say “most romantic night ever?”
  55. Rent a kayak or canoe. Your arms may get tired and your lap will definitely get soaked, but steering a double kayak or a canoe will give you new insight into your cooperation skills.
  56. Make your own pizza. Yes, including the dough. Top it with all of your favs, or go with personal pies and challenge each other to come up with the tastiest new combo.
  57. Take a dollar menu date. Go to a fast food restaurant and order everything on the dollar menu for a fresh take on the classic dinner outing.
  58. Visit your hometown. Showing your main squeeze where you grew up (or went to college if you’re from the same town) is surprisingly romantic and it’s sure to elicit some mushy feelings. Go ahead, share those embarrassing childhood stories.
  59. Challenge them at an arcade. Go a few rounds at Ms Pacman and Big Deer Hunter for a unique night out that will bring out your competitive side.
  60. Go camping. Snuggling under the stars is a cliché for a reason. Pitch a tent in the backyard if you don’t have a campground nearby.
  61. Plan a future date. If your wallet’s a little light right now, crack open a bottle of wine and spend a cozy night in planning an extravagant future date. Romantic, whether you actually go on it or not.
  62. Throw a dinner party together. Put your cooperation skills to the test by inviting a few other couples over and making an apps-to-dessert meal. Place cards and centerpieces optional, but if you’re gonna do the thing, you might as well do it right.
  63. Choose library books for each other. For a free and quirky date, head to your local library and choose books for the other to read. Hand your sweetheart your most awww-worthy childhood favorite, or introduce them to a current literary obsession.
  64. Thrift new outfits. Visit a secondhand store and dress each other in the craziest clothes you can find. Goofy photos mandatory.
  65. Have a themed movie night. But make it a theme. Choose a flick and add snacks to match. Think The Godfather and cannoli or Ratatouille and, well, you know.
  66. Make a romantic playlist. Remember when you used to exchange mix tapes with your crush back in the day? Thanks to digital streaming services, it’s easier than ever to create a musical journey through your relationship, no sitting by the radio for hours required.
  67. “Shop” for adoptable pets online. Cooing over cute puppies and kitties will bring out your softer side, even if you can’t have a pet where you live.
  68. Paint and sip. If you’ve got a paint nite program nearby, it’s a fun and easy date. If not, get some canvasses (or coloring books), some bevvies and throw your own.
  69. Try tie-dye. You may have noticed that all kinds of things are tie-dyed lately. Get in on the trend by making your own. Even if it doesn’t come out perfectly, you’ll have a fun memory.
  70. Watch a sports game. Even high school sports can get your adrenaline going if you get really, really into it. And you definitely should.
  71. Have a breakfast date. Turn date night on its head and start your daywith some you time. Mimosas highly encouraged.
  72. Taste some cheese. Some cheese shops hold tasting events but if you don’t have any near you, buy a few new-to-you varieties and DIY it.
  73. Play laser tag. Recreate your 10th birthday party, except now you can have a beer with your pizza afterward.
  74. Go skydiving. Yes, it’s a little pricey and not for the faint of heart. But this is one of those special occasion dates you’ll never forget. Try it for an anniversary or other occasion.
  75. Drive go-karts. Mario Kart experts and those who drive anything other than the carpool minivan can both rock a go-kart arena.
  76. Train for a 5k. Having something to work toward will motivate you both, and you can keep each other accountable as you lay down those miles.
  77. Go to a burlesque or drag show. Raucous, rowdy and a little bit risque, both drag and burlesque shows make great dates.
  78. Swap houses with a friend. Enjoy a staycation for free by exchanging houses with a nearby pal. Living in someone else’s shoes for the night or weekend feels like stepping into someone else’s life, even if you just bunk down next door.
  79. Build a snowman (or a sand scuplture). Make the most of the weather by creating a new friend.
  80. Shop for charity. Food pantries, homeless shelters and community organizations need supplies all year round. Spread the love while spending quality time with your partner.
  81. Watch the sunset. There’s a reason so many romantic movies end this way.
  82. Take public transit somewhere new. Ride the subway to the end of the line or take the bus to a new part of town for an adventure that’s easy on the wallet.
  83. Order each other’s meal. See how well you know your loved one’s tastes by ordering for the other at dinner. No swapping back when the food arrives!
  84. Listen to podcasts. For a twist on the usual movie night, cuddle up and turn on a podcast instead.
  85. Do couples’ yoga. Getting bendy together can really heat things up, plus you’re doing something good for your body and mind.
  86. Play “never have I ever.” Asking each other to get deep can reveal some new things about your loved one.
  87. Make a video together. The only thing more fun than watching reality TV is making your own. Use your phone to shoot a cooking video, do a tutorial or even give each other makeovers.
  88. Go low-tech. Pretend the power went out and have a no-tech evening. Yes, that includes your phones.
  89. Relive a past vacation. Put on your swimsuits, shake up some margs and look at photos of your last beach getaway. You’ll almost feel the sand between your toes.
  90. Play a role-playing game. Former theater kids, this is right up your street. Try a classic like Dungeons and Dragons or an online game to step outside yourselves for awhile.
  91. Visit a dog park. You don’t have to have a dog to watch the pooches play. Just don’t interact with any strange pups without asking their owners if it’s OK first.
  92. Write each other love letters. Getting your feelings down on paper can ignite some real sparks, plus create a keepsake for years to come.
  93. Climb your family tree. Sit down with and learn about your backgrounds. Or even better, interview an elderly family member to get personal stories about where you came from.
  94. Go for ice cream. Nothing tastes as good as a cone on a hot day, but we scream for ice cream on chilly afternoons, too. Set up a sundae bar for a real treat.
  95. Stroll a street fair. Chow down on some fried dough, bask in the midway lights and win each other a stuffed toy – if you’ve got the skills.
  96. Have a photo shoot. Make like influencers and take photos of each other around town. You may even come up with your next holiday card.
  97. Listen to a lecture. Many local colleges, libraries and community centers have evening events that are open to the public. Learning is sexy!
  98. Take an improv class. Embracing the concept of saying “yes, and” is a lesson that can work well in your offstage life, too.
  99. Cultivate a garden. Even if you live in an apartment, try your hand at growing a window garden. Plants make any dwelling feel like a home.
  100. Build a bucket list. Sit down together and think big: No item is too out-there or mundane to plan ahead for the rest of your life as a couple.
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