Commissioner Goodell declares that all NFL teams will wear “Love for Damar 3” shirts to support Hamlin.

Also in honor of Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills will wear a “3” patch on Sunday when they take on the New England Patriots.

The National Football League is doing more to promote Damar Hamlin, a player for the Buffalo Bills.

Players and coaches from all 32 NFL clubs will wear “Love for Damar 3” t-shirts during pregame warm-ups, according to commissioner Roger Goodell, “in a league-wide show of support for Damar.”

In a message shared on social media, Goodell stated that “Damar Hamlin’s incredible development over the past several days has elevated the spirits of the entire NFL and football fans around the country.” “Watching the whole NFL family come together, including the teams, players, coaches, and fans like you, was yet another reminder that football is family: resilient, caring, and human,” the NFL said.

Goodell stated, “I’m deeply optimistic that with his continuous development, there is a high chance Damar himself will be watching his teammates. We are appreciative to and humbled by everyone who contributed as he continues his road to health.

On Saturday, the Buffalo Bills tweeted the hashtag “LoveForDamar3” and announced that players would wear a special “3” patch in Hamlin’s honor on Sunday when they take on the New England Patriots.

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