Celebrate International Carrot Day with Carrots, Carrots and More Carrots!

History of International Carrot Day

The history of International Carrot Day is really the history of the carrot, which likely finds its origins in Central Asia. Through thousands of years of careful cultivation, the world has ultimately arrived at the bright orange, slightly sweet, not at all bitter variety of carrot that is regularly found in recipes today. The day was established in 2003 and has since spread throughout the world to all the places the carrot is known.

Versatile Cultivars of Carrot

When people think of a carrot, it’s doubtless that the mind is immediately brought to the bright orange root with the green foliage. The same one that is often found sticking out of the face of a snowman during winter. But does everyone know that orange is just one of the many colors that carrots naturally come in? In fact, orange isn’t even the most common color of carrots outside of the Americas! There’s the purple dragon carrot, a lovely form of this root vegetable that has a deliciously complex flavor, slightly spicy with a kid-friendly sweetness. There’s also a lovely yellow carrot that is colored as bright yellow as a banana but has a wonderful flavor all its own. Carrots are the foundation of so many meals, from rich and savory stews to sweet cakes and candies.

How to Celebrate International Carrot Day

Enjoying International Carrot Day is a fairly simple concept that mostly revolves around eating carrots, of course. The easiest and tastiest way to celebrate International Carrot Day is to make sure that carrots are featured in every meal! Start the day with a couple of carrot-apple breakfast muffins, take along a bag of baby carrots with a bit of ranch dressing for a snack throughout the day, round out the lunch meal with a slice of delicious carrot cake and then, at dinner, enjoy the fundamental flavor of roast vegetables featuring the favorite of the day: the carrot!

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More Fun Ideas

  • Make a Carrot Cake: A tasty favorite for many, the carrot cake uses this vegetable in a surprising way. Adding spice to the cake and topping it with cream cheese frosting is the perfect way to enjoy and celebrate this versatile vegetable.
  • Plant Some Carrots: One great way to honor the carrot is by taking a try at growing some! They’re not a difficult plant to grow, but they do require soil that is in good condition. They can be planted from seed indoors in cooler months and then moved outdoors when the weather is warmer.
  • Throw a Carrot Party: Gather some friends together and enjoy all of the lovely benefits and tastes of carrots. The menu will obviously be filled with multiple appetizers, snacks, and desserts all including carrots as ingredients. Decorate the room in various orange and green items (balloons, crepe paper, paper goods, etc.) and carrot-themed decor. Don’t forget to have guests dress head-to-toe in orange.
  • Visit the Carrot Museum: Take an interactive tour, learn about the history and evolution of the carrot, see the difference between domesticated and wild carrots, and even discover ancient manuscripts and illustrations that are all related to this venerable veg!

International Carrot Day really is an opportunity for the all-purpose vegetable, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. And a nose for a snowman! Carrots really can do it all!

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