Appreciating Sibling Relationships on National Brothers and Sisters Day

While many kids with siblings have probably, at one time or another, wished that they were an only child, as they become adults, many people learn to appreciate their brothers and sisters. And celebrating the relationship between the kids in a family brings National Brothers and Sisters Day right to the forefront!

History of National Brothers and Sisters Day Dating back as far as human history, brothers and sisters have probably always had somewhat of a push-and-pull relationship. They often start out as best friends when they are small, but they can also have a tendency to despise each other’s existence during those middle school and teen years.

Sometime around adulthood, though, brothers and sisters often come back around to find an acceptance of and an appreciation (or even love!) for one another. And showing this appreciation is what National Brothers and Sisters Day is all about!

Although the concept is similar to National Siblings Day, this is National Brothers and Sisters Day that offers its unique opportunity for brothers and sisters to enjoy and show appreciation for the special bond that they have.

Whether getting inspired by Hollywood brother and sister duos such as Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal or Jussie and Jurnee Smollett, National Brothers and Sisters Day is the perfect time to pay attention to all of the brothers and sisters whose sibling relationships make the world a better place.

And for those who have brothers and sisters? Well, this is a great day to show them how much they are loved – whether by sending them a card, giving them a noogie, or simply spending some quality time with them.

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How to Celebrate National Brothers and Sisters Day

Join in on the celebration of National Brothers and Sisters Day by taking part in some of these ideas:

Spend Time with Your Brothers or Sisters

One of the best things to do on National Brothers and Sisters Day is to spend a little time with those brothers or sisters. If it’s possible and they live nearby, try going out together for a cup of coffee, dinner, or a movie together. It can be a fun time to reminisce about fond memories from growing up or tell silly stories and jokes that date back many years.

For those who don’t live near their siblings, this is still a good day to show appreciation and tell them how much they are loved. Send a card or a gift. Catch them on a video call or send a text message. Take a walk down memory lane by sharing old photos.

Whatever you do, let them know it’s National Brothers and Sisters Day, but they are certainly loved all the year through!

Learn About Some Famous Brothers and Sisters

Some siblings are super famous, while others may have taken more of a background role. Consider some of these interesting sets of brothers and sisters who had a large influence on the world:

  • Wolfgang and Maria Mozart
  • Emily and Austin Dickinson
  • Orville, Wilbur and Katharine Wright

Watch a Show About Brothers and Sisters

One fun way to participate in National Brothers and Sisters Day might be to watch a movie or show, or even read a book that portrays interesting relationships between brothers and sisters. Those who live near each other might want to commit to watching a movie or a show with their siblings as an entertaining activity that can bring the bond together. Try out one of these shows that feature brothers and sisters:

  • This is Us
  • Party of Five
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Arrested Development
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National Brothers and Sisters Day FAQs

  • How many seasons of Brothers and Sisters were there? The American family drama Brothers and Sisters had five seasons airing from 2006-2011.
  • Are brothers and sisters DNA the same? On average, siblings share approximately 50% of the same DNA.
  • Can brothers and sisters be identical twins? Twins of the opposite sex are considered fraternal twins because they come from two separate eggs.
  • How many brothers and sisters did Jesus have? At least four brothers of Jesus are named in the Bible. His sisters were unnamed, but they were referred to as “sisters” so he had at least two.
  • Are brothers and sisters siblings? Yes, the definition of sibling is the non-gender name for either brothers or sisters.

Happy National Brothers and Sisters Day!

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